ABLE Member Benefits

  1. Joining with other people just like you in having input into how Beaver Lake is managed into the future
  2. Having access to advanced information from professional water quality engineers and other related professions
  3. Social events and functions
  4. Protecting your property values
  5. Volunteer activities with other organizations who are interested in protecting Beaver Lake
  6. Getting to know people who share the same interests regarding the environment and Beaver Lake
  7. Having a powerful voice in public debate regarding Beaver Lake issues, and governmental policy related to the lake
  8. ABLE is dedicated to “preserving” the Beaver Lake experience.  That means fighting poorly planned and potentially harmful developments that may threaten the water quality, create more crowded and dangerous conditions on the lake,  create “Urban” views as opposed to natural environment views, and generally degrade the Beaver Lake experience that we all love.
  9. Informative and Useful Website - “Real time” updates on issues impacting the lake, communication with other ABLE members and the board, ability to make comments on important issues, Meetings and Activities, Committee work, organization history, a bank of information, etc.
  10. Quarterly Town Hall Meetings with various guest speakers.  Past guests have included water quality professionals, watershed protection professionals, Benton County government officials, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers representatives, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) representatives, and many more.
  11. Annual Membership Meeting in May.  Board of Directors Elections.
  12. ABLE Board meetings, normally monthly.  ABLE members are always welcome to attend.
  13. Voluntary participation on committees working on specific issues impacting Beaver Lake.
  14. Participate in periodic surveys so that ABLE speaks with unity and strength!