Members, Interested Public invited to “Beaver Lake, Love It or Lose It” at 6 p.m on May 18th

2015-Secchi-Day-Dr-Morgan-Recognizes-ABLEPlease join the Association for Beaver Lake Environment (ABLE) at 6 pm., Wednesday, May 18th, at the Rogers Public Library, 711 S. Dixieland Road, Rogers, AR, for the annual meeting. The theme is “Beaver Lake: Love It or Lose It.” Representatives from several agencies and organizations will present ways you can do your part to positively impact this important natural resource: Army Corps of Engineers, Beaver Watershed Alliance, and Ozarks Water Watch. ABLE’s goal is to connect people with the many activities that are both fun and helpful for our precious resource. Hear speakers, meet and mingle with folks who love the lake, enjoy refreshments, and join with ABLE to keep Beaver Lake clean. For information, contact Tony Miltich, ABLE President, at (479) 925-7700. Or visit

Ozark Chinquapin project

end of the planting day

Members of ABLE and others volunteered to help Hobbs State Park and the Ozark Chinquapin Foundation in trying to reestablish this valuable tree back into the Ozarks in Park planting site.

This tree was an important source of food for a wide variety of wildlife including deer, bear, turkey, squirrels, rabbits, deer mice, and chipmunks because it has many times more protein than acorns. Their small nuts are enjoyed by humans as well because they are quite sweet. Because the wood is rot resistant, it was valued for railroad times and fence posts.


These trees of up to 65' and 2 to 3' in diameter are drought tolerant and grow in acidic rocky soils on hilltops and slopes.  There is a European record of the chinquapin by Captain John Smith in 1612.  Unfortunately, in addition to poor logging practices, and since it is a close relative of the American chestnut,  the Chestnut blight, that came by way of the Chinese chestnut planted in the Bronx Zoo, made its way to the Ozarks over time . They have been reduced to blighted-stunted , brushy, multi-stemmed shrubs that can't reproduce sexually in appreciable amounts. Some nuts may be produced from these stump sprouts but the cycle continues in 4 to 6 years.  The first documentation of the blight in the U.S. was it 1904.  The fungus spread at a radial rate of 20 miles per year killing 3 billion American chestnuts. After World War II, it had jumped the Mississippi River.  The University of Arkansas pinpointed its arrival of the blight to Northwest Arkansas to 1957 through tree ring studies.

The Ozark Chinquapin Foundation is trying to produce a viable seed base through research and cross-pollination for a 100% pure and blight resistant tree. A site was prepared in Hobbs State Park in order to plant seeds that come from 4 different research areas.

These seeds are very delicate and need to be planted very carefully.  They are covered with a protective tube from animals which also has specific information recorded.

The foundation is looking for individuals or groups interested in this project.  Further information can be found on or at


2015 Beaver Lake Games

The 2015 Beaver Lake Games will be held at Prairie Creek Campground on Saturday, September 19th.  Be sure to check for the changes made from the 2014 Games

P1040026 The overall  2014 champion is Rogers Heritage High School





Skits, General knowledge, and art competitions

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DSC01580   DSC01568   DSC01587   DSC01579   DSC01596   DSC01671   DSC01679   DSC01677   DSC01675   DSC01672   DSC01652   DSC01640

Regatta champions


Regatta champion hopefuls - but forgot to make the paddles!

DSC01624   DSC01626

Regatta hopefuls - but there must have been a miscalculation!

DSC01612   DSC01613   DSC01614   DSC01615

Fun at Beaver Lake

DSC01617   DSC01609   DSC01637   DSC01628   Exhibits at the Educational Environmental Midway

P1030957   P1030999   P1030994   P1030964   P1030959   P1030952   P1030949   P1030944   P1030948

Speaker Lynn Sciambato with friends

P1040012   P1040007   P1040016

ABLE’s Annual meeting Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 6:30 at the Rogers Library

The ABLE annual meeting will be on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 at 6:30 at the Rogers Library and desserts will be provided by the Board. Two Board seats are up for election and, as always, nominations can be made from the floor.  Candidates must be a member for a year.   Following this at 7:00, Susan Young of the Shiloh Museum will make a presentation entitled "Traditional Music of the Ozarks" as an excellent foundation to our free concerts by "Still on the Hill".