ABLE’s History

The Important Accomplishments:

  • A.B.L.E. was founded in 1980.  Founding members planned to work with local, state, and federal planning commissions and regulatory agencies to assure that land development in the Beaver Lake area does not result in a deterioration of Beaver Lake water quality and/or living conditions in the area surrounding the lake. Forestalled the development of a 92-unit condominium project on the Prairie Creek arm of the  lake which was adjacent to the park; their plans called for dumping 35,000 gallons a day of treated sewage effluent into the lake.
  • Instrumental in getting a moratorium prohibiting new or additional point-source discharges into the lake.
  • Spearheaded the drafting of a Benton County ordinance that requires an annual license for designated representatives; these are people who perform Perk Tests on your property.
  • Actively supported the updating of Fayetteville's wastewater treatment, thereby diverting some of the effluent discharges out of the White River Watershed.Endorsed the use of low-phosphate detergent products as a means of lowering the nutrient level in Beaver Lake.
  • Actively opposed any lowering of water quality standards by the State of Arkansas.
  • Offered assistance in water quality sampling and the monitoring of possible pollution sources.
  • ABLE has participated in the annual Secchi Day event since 2006.

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Logo Contest 2006

ABLE has conducted a contest for local high school students to develop a new logo for our organization. The winner, by members' vote, is Heather McKellips, a senior at Springdale High School. She received a $100 savings bond and everlasting fame. The logo is shown above.

The Grandview Heights Condominiums

1202586509_beaver lake 027This high-rise, high density project, located near the rear of Coose Hollow on the north side of the Prairie Creek arm of the lake, was proposed by a group of New York developers in conjunction with a local developer, Kevin Harrison.

  1. The developers have little or no previous experience with high-rise residential development.
  2. The developers have no experience outside of urban settings.
  3. The proposed buildings are completely unique in NW Arkansas and not compatible with the surrounding land use or lake-area environment.
  4. Other major concerns include sewage disposal, surface water runoff, public safety, noise and light pollution, and infrastructure improvements.
  5. As of this date (fall 2006) the developers have started site work (see above picture)  but have not fulfilled most of the ten stipulations in their preliminary approval Nov 2005.   Key stipulations include:  Completion Bond, ADEQ Waste treatment permit, and road improvements near the project entrance.
  6. The developers requested a two year extension on their project approval.  The initial two year approval was set to end on July 25, 2008.  They want an additional two years to complete the project which we are opposed to.  A public hearing was held at the Benton County Quorum Court room on the 3rd floor of the county administration building on Wednesday, July 16th at 5:30 p.m.  The project was denied an extension.  And is now history!